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[Tournament] Netherlands Regionals Arnhem

A German trio travelled to the Regional in Arnhem, myself equipped with a funlist and successfully reached the last position ...

After a short trip we arrived Arnhem and received a friendly welcome from the Tournament Organizer (TO).

After a short while the others player from Utrecht, Eindhoven and Arnhem arrived.

We had no problem with the language, everyone speaks English or German. But what was the owner thinking? Star Trek Attack Wing between X-Wing?

Overall: The tournament was five rounds with 70mins, swiss system. There were no timers on the table and no one bothers to set their smartphones on alarm. The TO announces the last 15mins and the last round, that is it. Very casual and odd, but also convenient.

Funlist: Again I playing my M3-A list with Serissu and Bodyguard.

Game 1: My first opponent played a TIE swarm with Howlrunner and Determination, to skip the critical pilot damage, which cancel his crucial pilotskill of Howlrunner.

What I didn`t know, he is one of the Top 4 Regional winner of the last year. First game and I got one of the toughest opponent on the tournament. Hurray!

My swarm going down fast. Even with the ever-changing Meta, the TIE swarm is still powerful.

And don`t forget my luck to draw Direct Hit!  ...

Result: Loss 0:100
Game duration: approx. 30mins.

Spiel 2: BYE

I got a BYE the next round, because of the uneven number of players. I got an automatic win.

Game 3: The next game was against Super Dash with Keyan Farlander in his B-Wing

The opponent tried to outflank my swarm, and this time I didn`t make a 5 K-Turn. Bad mistake, never change a running system. With a 3 K-Turn I got only one shot, with a 5 K-Turn perhaps three or all Manglers on Dash.

But with Engine Upgrade and the Outrider, he was very fast and in Range 1 to my swarm.

Thats why I love the M3-A. Heavy Laser Canon gets a Hit-Hit-Hit-Hit result, but my M3-A got three Evades and one Evade Token. Total miss. Against all odds.

I shot down only four shields of Super Dash. Than it was over.

Result: Loss 0:100
Game duration: approx. 45mins.

Game 4: This time against a Decimator and the Imperial Kath.

Unfortunatly I forgot to make pictures. The opponent veered of my swarm und flew largely around the battlefield. Kath killed my swarm from the back, Oicunn rammed two of my M3-A. I got the Decimator with three Criticals. Based on exhaustion I forgot that Serissu flew after all my other ships, so I bumped into Serissu several times and lost my action.

Overall I didn`t survived long enough to kill Oicunn. Mangler against a Decimator is pure fun...

Result: Loss 0:100
Game duration: approx. 60mins.

Game 5: At the announcement of the last pairing, we both cheered, because we chatted along the Tournament and wanted to play against each others. He flew a Chewbacca YT-1300 with Corran Horn, a list, I almost won at the regulars table. Here is the German Battlereport.

After three battles and stuffy air in the gaming cellar we were both exhausted and had mental derangement. Many failures, that could be avoided even by a rookie.

At this game I noticed something. X-Wing need a new token, a "you-can`t-shot" Token. Corran Horn has the ability two shot twice in a round, but skip the attack in the next round. My opponent is firing, and I had the opinion he can not, because of the double attack the round before. He was sure that he didn`t fire in the last round. I was confused and shrugged, perhaps he was right. But the next time against Corran Horn I will demand a special token to mark his round not to fire.

There was other failures, like I forgot to move Serissu in one round or the confusion of the pilotskills etc. Great chaos, but very entertaining game and fun to play.

Result: Loss 0:100
Game duration: approx. 40mins.
Total Result: Place 27 of 27

Price: An English Scum&Villainy Boba Fett Promocard.

The Regional Cut
In the Top 4 of the Regional Cut were two of the German visitors.

Sebastian "DerSeb" from Germany flew a TIE swarm:

The opponent from Netherlands was in the Top4 Cut from the last week Regional and flew with his Brobot List. IG-88B and IG-88C.

In this picture we see the final games are very stressful. Notice the increased amount of caffeinated drinks and Dextro-Energy-tablets. Are there any doping tests at X-Wing Tournaments?

In this round both players took nearly 10 minutes to place their maneuver dials! It was one of the crucial moments of the game.

One TIE Fighter after another goes down and both Aggressors only loose some shields.

At the end the imperial player give up with only two ships left, against two only barely scratched Aggressors. Germany: Zero points.

The other cut-game was the reigning German X-Wing Master Nick "Darth Bane" against another one of the Top4 Regional Netherlands and winner of two Regionals. That player I flew against in my first game!

Darth Bane`s "The Escort" List with Carnor Jax, Soontir Fel and Yorr.

against the Howlrunner swarm.

The Imperator guard his underlings...

Soontir Fel gets around, Carnor in the middle and Yorr supports in the background.

First blood is Howlrunner, she is the biggest threat, but the shuttle goes down as well. Carnor Jax outflanked the swarm.

Six TIE Fighter againt Soontir Fel. It doesn`t look good...

One TIE Fighter goes down, Soontir Fel without a scratch...

Soontir shoots down another one and another, and goes in close combat.

At the end it doesn`t work out, but unbelievable from 1:6 superiority to 1:3 in three rounds!

There goes Germany.


Everyone was hyped to see the TIE swarm killer against a TIE swarm. Both players was in the Top4 Cut in the Regional last year.

Someone with such wornout dials means business ...

One TIE Fighter goes down.

The green dice from the Scum player refuse to work completly. Blanks, Blanks, Blanks for the Aggressor. One Aggressor down. Fast.

Hours of hard playing took their toll. The last Aggressor banks in the swarm and he goes down as well in the barrage of fire at Range 1.

Classic TIE swarm wins!

The final game is over in 40minutes and the happy winner took the beautiful Trophy!

Conclusion: A very good tournament, despite the high temperature and lack of air in the game cellar. The TO with his different impression of famous Star Wars characters was very entertaining and the highlight of the evening. The extreme lax time measurement was very convenient, but could for some purists and advocate of German orderliness cause for critic. Every opponent, I had the pleasure to play, flew casual and were straightforward with the rules. Like the rule to draw damage card, even if you ships goes down. No one does that in the Netherlands. In their opinion it is silly. Overall it was very fun and I like it alot. I will visit Arnhem and the Spelkwartie again, thats for sure!

Other impressions from the Tournament:

Everyone hate this mat:

Double Decimators. The Deciminators...

This is how you kill a shieldless Y-Wing with a Phantom with a single shot.

Symbolism!!! The end of Games Workshop is near. White Dwarf is used as support of a X-Wing Gaming Table.

Repaint YT-1300

Beautiful chrome TIE Bomber

Repaint YT-2400


My impressions of the shop itself. Spelkwartie in Arnhem is a very large Gamestore with an impressive range of boardgames. From all variants of Monopoly or Risk, the have Kickstarter and exceptional board- and cardgames of all kinds. Many Warhammer products and a Magic Card bargain bin, but none Pen&Paper Roleplaying games.

Yellowed window dressing, Warhammer since 1996 in our window.

Musicbox with songs like Happy Birthday, Pink Panther and the Internationale. Wait wut?!

Cinnamon bun of doom from Albert Hujn. Incredients: 80% sugar, 19 % cinnamon and 1% flour.

the gaming cellar ...

Deodorant is toxic...

De Warp is rustig!

Finally Snickers...

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